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It’s hard to deal with someone

It is hard to deal with someone who smiles and pretends to like you to your face and sticks that eight inch blade in your back when you turn around.

Prayer 4-1-2016

Thank you Father for your goodness and faithfulness in our lives. We trust that you are leading and guiding us. We trust that you are preparing us for all the wonderful blessings you have in store for us.

In Jesus’ Name

Proverbs 16:9 NIV

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

God is preparing us.” While you’re waiting, don’t make the mistake of trying to figure everything out. If you’re constantly trying to figure things out, that will only frustrate you. Turn it over to God. Declare, “God, our times are in your hands. We’re not going to worry because we trust that you are leading us on a journey of preparation for all the wonderful blessings you have in store for us.”

I’d choose”V”

If I could be any letter, I’d choose “V” so I can be next to “U”.
If you could be any note, I wish you’re “RE” so you’re always beside “ME”.

Profitable lessons are. ..

Our most profitable lessons are learned from failure, not success.

Prayer 3-31-2016

Dear Father, thank you for ordering our steps and leading us on the right path. We choose to honor and respect everyone, and in turn, we choose to honor you.

In Jesus’ Name

Psalm 75:6-7 NIV

No one from the east or the west or from the desert can exalt themselves. It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.

The truth is that the people we’re playing up to or trying to win their favor may be the ones that open a door for us, but they don’t hold the key to our destiny. Promotion doesn’t come from them. Promotion comes from God. And, God will use the most unlikely people to open doors of opportunity for you a hotel bellman, a maid, an intern, or an unpopular kid at school. Let’s pass the test and treat everyone like Jesus put them in our path because he probably did. God is watching and promotion comes from him.

Forgive people

Sometimes, you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life.

The past should be the past

The past should be the past. It can destroy the future. Live life for what tomorrow has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away.

Prayer 3-30-2016

Dear Father, we humbly come to you giving you all that we are. We choose to keep our eyes on you and allow you to work in our heart and mind. We declare that we are free from competition.

In Jesus’ Name

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