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No true love

Deepest feeling is always felt in silence.
There is no true love without jealousy.
A thing lost is always valued Most.

Not fully dressed

You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile.

Prayer 6-30-2015

Dear Father, thank you for loving us today. Thank you for keeping us the apple of your eye. We open our heart and mind to you and cast every care on you. We receive your love for us.

In Jesus’ Name

Psalm 17:8 NIV

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.

Find peace and security in God’s love for you. Don’t be afraid to take your concerns and cares to him. He loves it when you come to him, and he’s ready to receive you with open arms because you are the apple of his eye.

Never put off

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow.

Don’t blame them

Don’t blame them for who they are. Blame yourself for thinking they were different.

Prayer 6-29-2015

Dear Father, help us to glory in the burdens and pressures we face. We know that you will work through these situations to produce perseverance, character, and hope in our live.

In Jesus’ Name

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